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Book Description

Do you or your clients have a hard time getting out of bed? Find it difficult to focus without a large cup of caffeine? Easily lose patience?  Experience mid-afternoon slumps? Perhaps you need a reboot. Cutting edge science makes it possible to banish fatigue and optimize energy so you get more accomplished during your workday and experience more job during your downtime.

In REBOOT—how to power up your energy, focus, and productivity, Dr. Jo® (PhD nutritionist, registered dietitian) goes beyond the well-known recommendation of simply getting more sleep, eating healthy, and managing stress and into an in-depth review of the medical literature and practical diet and lifestyle changes for you and your clients. You’ll learn:

  • Where energy comes from and why some of us have it, and others don’t
  • How thoughts and worries work to exhaust us – and how to stop them
  • Why some meals energize us while others drag us down
  • How to get better quality sleep without spending more time in bed
  • Why it’s okay to give yourself a break, and how often to take them
  • How to work with your circadian rhythm to manage shift work and jet lag
  • How movement impacts energy (plus more than 100 fun ways to get moving)
  • How and what to eat and drink before, during, and after working out to recharge your body and maximize that sweat equity
  • How often (and how much) to eat for energy, without packing on the pounds
  • Why even slight dehydration can depress your energy, mood, and attention
  • The pros and cons of caffeine, energy drinks, vitamins, and supplements
  • Best meal and snack options at home, in restaurants, and on the road
  • Simple damage-control strategies to initiate when you’re crashing

About the Author

Dr. Jo® is a registered dietitian with more than 20 years of experience as a college professor, nutrition counselor and consultant. Dr. Jo®, a registered dietitian nutritionist, has more than 20 years experience as a college professor, nutrition counselor and consultant. She was the Chief Nutrition Officer at Burger King Corporation from 2003-2004. Jo earned her Bachelors (SUNY) and Master’s degrees (Virginia Tech) in nutrition and began her career as a clinical dietitian. At the age of 26 she became the founding director of the Dietetics Program at the University of Texas/Pan American where she developed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics Program and earned full national accreditation. Dr. Jo® Lichten earned her PhD in adult education from Texas A&M University researching the difficult issue of how to help people make healthy changes in all aspects of their lives.

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