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November 2018: CoQ10 and Heart Health

October 2018: Nutritional Supplements and Male Athletes

September 2018: Eating Disorders in the LGBTQ Population

August 2018: Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment

July 2018: Soy and Breast Cancer — An In-Depth Review of the Research

June 2018: Components of Healthful Grilling

May 2018: Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

April 2018: Vitamin D and Bone Health

March 2018: Family Approaches to Weight Management

February 2018: Cancer Prevention — The Role of Inflammation, Phytochemicals, and the Microbiome

January 2018: Understanding Triglycerides: Strategies for Counseling Clients — Learn the Current Research on Triglycerides and Recommendations and Strategies RDs Can Use to Counsel Clients to Manage and Prevent CVD

December 2017: Statins: What Dietitians Need to Know — Learn the History of the Use of Statin Medications, as Well as the Role RDs Play in the Management of Patients With Hyperlipidemia

November 2017: Postbariatric Body Contouring Surgery — Learn About the Dietitian’s Important Role in Counseling and Educating Patients

October 2017: The Science Behind Fish Oil Supplements — Learn About Fish Oil’s Efficacy for a Variety of Conditions and Stages of Life

September 2017: Assessing and Monitoring Body Composition — Learn About Different Methods of Monitoring Body Composition for Weight Management Throughout the Life Cycle and How to Apply Them to a Variety of Patient Care Settings

August 2017: Nutrition and Vision: How Diet Influences Eye Disease — Learn the Relationship Between Nutrition and Vision, Key Nutrients for Disease Management, and Supplementation Recommendations

July 2017: Shopping for Healthful Foods on a Budget — Learn About Trends in Food Costs and Consumer Purchasing Behaviors to Help Clients Buy Healthful Foods on a Tight Budget

June 2017: Specific Carbohydrate Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease — Learn About the SCD to Support Clients With IBD and How It Compares With Other Evidence-Based Nutritional Therapies

May 2017: Health Benefits of Tea — Learn About the Effects of Tea on Health, Including Its Role in the Prevention of Many Diseases

April 2017: Asthma, Obesity, and Weight Management — Learn About the Link Between Asthma and Obesity and Weight Management’s Role in the Connection 

March 2017: Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Management — Learn About the Potential Role for RDs and Recommendations and Strategies for Performing This Role in Practice 

February 2017: The Female Athlete Triad, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport — Learn the Research and Current Understanding of These Conditions and Treatment Recommendations

January 2017: Health Benefits of Chia — Learn About Its History, Nutrient Composition, and Current Research Regarding Its Health Benefits

December 2016: Vitamin D — Learn About Its Impact on the Immune System, Its Role in Autoimmunity, and Its Importance for Specific Autoimmune Diseases

November 2016: Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Care — Learn What They Are, the Cultural Differences That May Influence These Disparities, and the Role of RDs and Diabetes Educators

October 2016: Examining Popular Detox Diets - Learn About Their Efficacy and Safety for Weight Loss, Their Components, and Potential Adverse Effects

September 2016: Beauty and Nutrition — Evidence-Based Dietary Practices Can Help Patients Look and Feel Their Best

August 2016: The Role of Flax in the Diet — Learn About Its Nutritional Content and Potential to Help Prevent and Manage Various Medical Conditions

July 2016: Motivational Interviewing — Learn About MI’s Place in Nutrition Counseling and Essential Tools for Enhancing Client Motivation

June 2016: Health Benefits of Sea Vegetables — Learn About Their Culinary Uses, Including How Clients Can Incorporate Them Into Their Diets

May 2016: The Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy — Learn About the Diet, the Medical Conditions It’s Used to Treat, and Its Mechanism of Action

April 2016: Stress and Weight Management — Learn About the Body’s Physiological Responses to Stress and Effect Stress Has on Weight Management

March 2016: Nutrition’s Role in Premenstrual Syndrome — Learn About This Disorder and the Role Genetics, Environment, and Diet May Play in Its Onset

February 2016: Chronic Pancreatitis — Learn About the Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options, as Well as MNT to Optimize Nutrition Status in Patients

January 2016: Leaky Gut Syndrome — Learn About the Causes, Associated Conditions, and Treatments Under Research