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CPE Monthly Courses (published in Today's Dietitian)

Title Credits Type Cost
Dietary Weight-Loss Supplements — What the Labels Don’t Tell You 2.00 enduring $24.00
Assessing Vegetarian Athletes’ Needs 2.00 enduring $24.00
Skin Cancer and Nutrition 2.00 enduring $24.00
Nutrition and Rheumatoid Arthritis 2.00 enduring $24.00
Better Academic Performance: Is Nutrition the Missing Link? 2.00 enduring $24.00
Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes Management 2.00 enduring $24.00
Dietitians in the Health Care Classroom — Assessing Learning by Asking the Right Questions: Part Two of a Three-Part Series 2.00 enduring $24.00
Dietitians in the Health Care Classroom — Developing Effective Lesson Plans Maximizes Student Learning: Part 3 of a 3-Part Series 2.00 enduring $24.00
Dietary Influences on Lung Cancer: An Evaluation of the Research and Strategies to Help Counsel Patients 2.00 enduring $24.00
Probiotics May Prevent and Treat Clostridium Difficile 2.00 enduring $24.00
MNT For Endometrial Cancer Survivors 2.00 enduring $24.00
Caring for Today’s Cancer Survivors 2.00 enduring $24.00
Leaky Gut Syndrome — Learn About the Causes, Associated Conditions, and Treatments Under Research 2.00 enduring $24.00
Curcumin and Inflammatory Diseases: Learn About Its Potential Role in Prevention and Treatment 2.00 enduring $24.00
Vitamin D’s Role in Health — Deterministic or Indeterminate? 2.00 enduring $24.00