Symposium Session #115045- Diabetes in the African American Population: Shortening the Cultural Distance and Improving Outcomes

Suggested CDR learning codes: 1040, 5000, 5190, 6000; Level 2

Of the 25.8 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the United States, almost 5 million are African Americans. In fact, one-quarter of African Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 have the disease as well as one-quarter of African American women older than 55. And this population suffers greater consequences from the complications of diabetes.

Diabetes not only affects African Americans in genetically or physiologically different ways, but they also cope with the disease within a particular cultural context. Their approach to diet and exercise, eating habits, relationships with caregivers, and even spirituality and behavior patterns are unique, and they all impact how they approach their disease diagnosis and manage their health.

This session will provide insights into the reasons for diabetes health disparities in the African American population, strategies useful for helping to motivate behavior change in African Americans with diabetes, and how to identify the food choices, taste, and predilections of people of African heritage (Africa, Caribbean, and West Indies).




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