Symposium Session: Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness Practices

Suggested CDR Learning Codes: 4090, 5420, 6020; Level 2
Performance Indicators: 8.3.6, 8.3.7, 9.4.2, 9.6.1

Mindfulness is a popular buzzword within the health and wellness community. Your patients and clients likely have many questions about how mindfulness can help them to achieve their goals. In this session, we will explore the principles of mindfulness practices and the ways they can benefit long-term lifestyle changes, food appreciation, and an overall healthy relationship with food. Attendees will also learn about and take part in a mindful eating exercise.


Learning Objectives

After attending this session, nutrition professionals should be able to:

  1. Better understand the correlation between mindfulness practices and stress reduction, weight loss, and lifestyle change.
  2. Understand the importance of self-awareness in behavior changes.
  3. Investigate barriers to development of self-regulatory skills.
  4. Explore the benefits of food appreciation and food gratitude in relationship to healthful lifestyles.
  5. Learn the benefits of mindful and intuitive eating.
  6. Learn and take part in a mindful eating exercise.
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  • 1.50 CDR
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Katie Cavuto, MS, RDN, Chef

Available Credit

  • 1.50 CDR


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