Symposium Session: Functional Carbohydrates: A Review of Palatinose™ in Fueling an Active Lifestyle

This is not a webinar or course for purchase- this is a module for credit claiming for our 2018 Spring Symposium attendees and cannot be purchased or taken by non-attendees. These sessions are exclusive to our symposium, however, the topics may be revisited in the future in the form of a webinar or self-study course.

Suggested CDR Learning Codes: 2070, 2110, 4060
Suggested CDR Performance Indicators: 6.2.5, 8.1.3, 8.3.6

Fueling active lifestyles with carbohydrates is nothing new but, using functional carbohydrates to deliver sustained energy is a new horizon. This briefing will showcase Palatinose™ (generic name isomaltulose) and describe what it is, how it differs from other sugars and sugar alcohols, and safety. Research on fat oxidation, blood sugar management, and sports performance will also be addressed. In addition, products containing Palatinose™ will be highlighted and individual experiences from athletes showcasing how Palatinose™-containing beverages improves their training and fueling needs.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Differentiate between sugar, isomaltulose, and sugar alcohols

2. Describe how isomaltulose functions to manage blood sugar and increase fat oxidation and how these metabolic effects may help exercise performance

3. Discuss how isomaltulose is an effective functional carboyhydrate for athletes with Type 1 diabetes

4. Recognize the effective doses of isomaltulose in beverages and identify products that contain isomaltulose

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Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, FAND, Professor Emerita, Georgia State University

This session is accredited through Beneo Institute.

Available Credit

  • 1.00 CDR


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