Becky Dorner's Enteral Nutrition for Older Adults Hard Copy Book with CEUs

Includes the 2012 Edition of Enteral Nutrition for Older Adults plus 8 CEUs*

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Level II Learning Codes: 3020, 3050, 5040, 5100, 5210, 5280, 5430, 5440, 5450

Today’s Dietitian and Becky Dorner & Associates, two trusted names in continuing education, are partnering to provide nutrition professionals with a comprehensive selection of continuing education opportunities to satisfy a multitude of learning needs and styles.

Written by nationally known expert on nutrition care, Becky Dorner, RD, LD along with contiributions from Liz Friedrich, MS, RD and Mary Ellen Posthauer, RD, CD, LD.

The Enteral Feeding Hard Copy Book includes:

  • Review of the research on nutrition for enteral feeding in older adults
  • Suggestions for practice detailing nutrition assessment and interventions
  • Review of MDS 3.0 process related to enteral feeding
  • Details and guidance on decision making related to whether or not to place a feeding tube, risks vs benefits, how to talk with patients/families about decision making
  • Implementing Enteral Nutrition, Nutrition interventions including choices in feeding routes, selecting the correct type of feeding tube, selecting the proper enteral formula, selecting a delivery method, calculating flushes for enteral feedings, determining a tube feeding schedule
  • Nutrition assessment and care of the tube-fed patient, how to calculate nutritional needs
  • Medication Delivery Though Feeding Tubes, Complications of enteral feeding, refeeding syndrome
  • Transitioning from enteral feeding to oral feeding, enteral nutrition at the end of life, discontinuing enteral feeding
  • Sample policies and procedures, sample forms, etc.
  • Meeting state and federal regulations: Surveyor guidance for F322 Tube Feeding, CMS Critical Elements for Nutrition, Hydration, Tube Feeding Status

*CDR approved for RDs and DTRs, with subsequent approval for CDMs. RNs may also be able to obtain credit. Just review the information, take the enclosed test and earn your certificate. (RDs and DTRs no need to return the quiz, just save for your CDR portfolio.)

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Available Credit

  • 8.00 CDR


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