Symposium Session: Canned Beans: Closing the Knowledge Gap to Open the Possibilities

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) and consumers diverge significantly in their consumption of canned beans and their level of understanding of beans' health benefits. A recent national study conducted among RDNs and consumers shows that, for example, nutrition professionals are much more likely than consumers to eat beans at least weekly. The findings indicate that RDNs are much more knowledgeable about the health benefits of canned beans, even though the data suggests there is room for growth. In stark contrast, consumers are significantly less likely to know about how beans can help with (among others) diabetes management, heart health, weight management and gut health. Sharing these findings will help empower RDNs to educate consumers about how to incorporate healthful foods like canned beans into their diets. 

Join Stephen McCauley, Founder and President of the Ginger Network, and Jessica Broome, PhD, Founder and Head, Southpaw Insights, for a session that examines and contrasts canned bean attitude and knowledge levels among RDNs and consumers. Dr. Broome will take a deep dive into the recently-fielded national study to share the research methods and results, illuminating consumers' knowledge gaps and highlighting ways RDNs can help their clients better understand the many health benefits of canned beans. 

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Stephen McCauley, founder and president of the Ginger Network, and Jessica Broome, PhD, MS, founder and head of Southpaw Insights, report the following relevant disclosures: Southpaw Insights, an Independent research company, was commissioned by on behalf of Bush's Best to conduct studies among dietitians and consumers in 2020 and 2022. Both studies were conducted using the field services of Gazelle Global. View our disclosure policy


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